Maintenance of orthodontic appliances


Separators are small blue rubber bands inserted between the teeth to create a space.  This space is necessary for the next appointment.  This will make it easier for the dentist to place the braces and more comfortable for the patient.


To be avoided

You may feel pressure and discomfort for up to 2 days.  We advise you to avoid chewing gum and eating any sticky substance such as jujubes and caramel.  Brush as usual, but do not floss between the teeth where the dividers are located.


To be noted

Check every night, when you brush your teeth, that the elastics are in place.  If a separator has fallen out, notify us by phone so that we can find a time to replace it for you.  If a separator falls out less than a day before your appointment, it will be possible to place your appliance anyway.


Palatal expansion is used to create space for the eruption of permanent teeth.  It also allows the posterior teeth to be adjusted in width to harmonize the two arches.


How the device works

The palatal expander is placed on the upper molars.  The expansion screw in the middle must be activated according to our specifications.

1- Insert the key into the screw hole.

2- Push the key in the direction of the arrow until you feel resistance.  You must see the second hole before removing the key.


When to activate it

You can activate it at any time of the day that suits you.  Just keep this sequence afterwards.  We advise you to activate it before bedtime, you will feel less discomfort during your sleep.


The adaptation

Pronunciation may be disturbed for a few days to a few weeks.  A little practice (reading aloud) should help.  Excess saliva should decrease after a few days as well.  Practice swallowing with your lips closed and without making noise with your mouth.


Pain and discomfort

It is normal to feel pressure in the nose and under the eyes when the appliance is activated.  Tooth sensitivity and discomfort may last for a few hours.  You can slow down the activation sequence if the pain persists.


It is likely that a space will form between the front teeth.  This space will close during the treatment.  Apply a small piece of wax to the brackets if they irritate your cheeks.


Power supply

Avoid biting into fruits and raw vegetables with your teeth in front.  Instead, cut these hard foods into sticks or wedges. To avoid breakage and clean-up problems, we recommend excluding hard, sticky foods such as jujubes, gum and caramels.



Remove your device and rinse it under water to remove food debris.  While you brush your teeth, you can let your appliance soak



Once the desired width is obtained, it is necessary to maintain the space gained for several months.  The device is used as a retention, but it must still be kept in good condition.  If in doubt that your device is broken or badly adjusted, do not hesitate to contact us.



Power supply

We recommend excluding hard and sticky foods such as gum, taffy, caramel, jujubes, nuts, almonds, popcorn.  These foods tend to distort the threads, decay the rings and loosen the braces.  You can eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you like, but cut them into pieces.



Your teeth may be sensitive and cause you discomfort for 2 to 7 days following your appointment.  We suggest a soft diet during this period (oatmeal, omelette, soup, smoothie, yogurt, pasta).  Drinking very cold water can also help.  Anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen/advil) can also help reduce the transient pain.


Orthodontic wax

If your lips and cheeks are irritated by braces and wires, you can place orthodontic wax on the irritating braces.  The wax will reduce the friction between the braces and your cheek.  Take a pea-sized piece of wax and squeeze it onto the bracket in question.



Good dental hygiene is essential for the success of the treatment.  We recommend that you clean your teeth after every meal and before bedtime.  We will review brushing and flossing techniques, specific to braces, during your visits.



Here is an overview of the most common problems that can occur during your treatment.  This list is intended to reassure you and to help you out if necessary.


Unstuck case:If a case comes off and is placed between two others, the case will be mobile, but will not cause discomfort.  Contact us and we will assess whether it is necessary to see you before your next appointment.

If the loose case is at the end, the protruding wire may hurt your cheek.  Give us a call so we can remedy the problem.  You can also cut the excess wire with a pair of “cutter” type pliers.

Thread that hurts : During treatment, the thread may slip or become too long or short.  Contact us so that we can help you.  Orthodontic wax can be a temporary solution to reduce friction.


Loose ring : A band is a metal ring that surrounds a posterior tooth.  If you think a ring is loose, we will give you an appointment within a few days to cement it.  If you are not happy, do not remove anything.  Leave everything in place and call us back when you return.


Elastic ring : Occasionally, we add colored rubber bands to the metal cases to decorate or solidify.  There are no consequences if they fall off.


To avoid unnecessary waiting, we ask you to call us before coming for any orthodontic emergency.  If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, we will try to see you in a timely manner so as not to interfere with the processing.