Sports mouthguard

Mouth guard

The various contact sports are one of the main causes of dental fractures. With the help of a mouthguard, you can protect your teeth and enjoy your leisure activities without any worries. The mouthguard is custom made from a mold of your teeth.

The importance of protection

Good protection is essential when practicing certain activities. This is especially true if you participate in a contact sport (soccer, field hockey, etc.) or a sport where the risk of injury or trauma is very high.

Wearing a mouthguard significantly reduces the likelihood of fractures or injuries. Mouthguards also reduce the risk of injury to the tongue, soft tissues of the mouth, jaws and joints.

Several studies agree that wearing a mouthguard reduces the risk of concussions.

Which mouthguard to choose?

3 categories of mouthguards that exist on the market

You or your child make the decision to purchase a mouthguard so you can enjoy your favorite sport or activity with less risk. That’s great! But don’t skimp on the quality of the protector and a bargain can sometimes seem tempting without knowing the repercussions.

1- The mass-produced protector

This type of mouthguard is usually sold in sporting goods stores and is often even given free with the purchase of sports equipment, which says a lot about its market value.

Very inexpensive (usually less than $10.00), it does not fit the mouth at all, so it does not allow for free breathing or speaking. Moreover, since it is unstable in the mouth, it can represent a risk of suffocation that must be considered.

Some professionals mention that wearing this type of protector would be the equivalent of no protection in the mouth.

2- The protector to be shaped in the mouth

Probably better than the first category of protectors, this type of product is very popular.

Regarding the price, it is in a fairly wide range, ranging from ten dollars to a hundred dollars. Upon purchase, the manufacturer recommends immersing it in boiling water, so the device will lose its rigidity. Once softened, the wearer of the device should put it in his mouth and bite it gently to roughly take the shape of his mouth. After a few minutes, the protector will regain its rigidity but will keep the given shape.

Unfortunately, the strength of such a product can be compromised since the thickness of the protector may not be constant. In addition, since it is not perfectly adapted to the mouth, this type of protector does not ensure good retention.

3- The custom-made protector

Unlike the other two product categories, this type of guard can be purchased from your dentist. Designed from a mold of the teeth, this type of protector is the best option for protection against oral injuries for this type of appliance.

Fitted perfectly to the athlete’s mouth, its stability and retention is great. In addition, its design will allow easy breathing and speech. Its price varies from one clinic to another, but generally ranges from $100.00 to $250.00. The price is therefore higher than the intermediate category but the savings are great if this type of protector avoids costly fractures and injuries.

If you have dental coverage, note that your insurance may cover this type of appliance. It is therefore a good idea to ask your insurer for an estimate.

Customize your protective device

If you opt for a custom-made protective device, you can also personalize it with specific colors or logos. And depending on the sport you practice, we can also adapt your protector by increasing the protection on certain areas of your device.