Post-operative instructions after the installation of a crown or bridge

After the installation of a crown or bridge made in the laboratory:

The care recommended here should be followed to promote healing. Note that after surgery, it is normal to feel some discomfort and swelling.

Crowns and bridges are placed in two appointments. During the first visit, we first take an impression of the teeth to be replaced. Then, we install temporary crowns or bridges to protect your teeth until the replacement tooth or teeth are ready.

Day of surgery

  • You may have a slight fever.
  • If necessary, use medications prescribed or recommended by our team.

To be avoided

  • Do not take hot beverages while you are under anesthesia.
  • Avoid sticky, hard foods (gum, candy).


  • Try eating on the opposite side.

From the next day until full recovery

  • Brush your teeth normally, but be careful with the floss so as not to dislodge the temporary crown.
  • If a temporary crown comes off, you will need to come back and have it re-attached. This is to prevent the other teeth from moving and to avoid compromising the installation of the new tooth.

Si vous ressentez de la douleur, avez de la difficulté à refermer votre bouche ou avez d’autres questions, appelez-nous au 450.465.7800.